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Issue 3, January 2021
  • Incidental attention to language during disciplinary teaching: An observation study of LREs in a first-year EMI computer programming lecture

      (Jiye Hong, University of Auckland)

  • The Role of Language and Education to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Malaysia and Japan  

      (Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah binti Azman Firdaus, Hiroshima University)

  • Language for Specific Vocational Purposes

      (Jean Parkinson, Victoria University of Wellington)

Issue 2, January 2020
  • Ethnographic Approaches to LSP Research      

      (Sue Starfield, UNSW Sydney)

  • Formulating the Direction of a Study: The Case of Action Research  in Tourism and Hospitality      

      (Becky Kwan, City University of Hong Kong)

  • The “About Us” Section of Private Hospitals’ Websites: A Multi-perspective Genre Analysis      

      (Nasser Salimi Aghbolagh, University of Malaya)

Issue 1, January 2019
  • Exploring the Leadership Conceptualization Process – From Research to ESP Program Development

       (Kevin Knight, Kanda University of International Studies)

  • Second Language Socialization in Construction Engineering in Hong Kong: The Transition from Academic to Professional Contexts

       (Cindy Yu, City University of Hong Kong)

  • Collaborations between LSP Specialists and Target Discourse Community Specialists: What Expertise do LSP Specialists Bring to the Table?

       (Christine Feak, University of Michigan)